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Valued feedback from my clients

I appreciate receiving feedback from both my clients and their families, and from other professionals who have seen me at work. I am grateful that they have taken the time to give me their views of the quality of service that I have provided them with.

My clients expect their business with me to remain confidential and these testimonials are here with their permission, and to maintain confidentiality I have only displayed their initials.

Thank you so much for all you did for us as a family. Thanks for your patience with regard to the fees.

We are so grateful for the result as we know [our son] could have lost his career that he loves so much. You put a stop

to the very stressful time, we were going through and we will always be grateful.

You have done an exceptional job and I cannot thank you enough for what you have achieved. Apart from when moving house a couple of times, I have never instructed a solicitor in personal matters prior to this and despite the subject matter, it has been a happy experience. Your guidance and knowledge has been first class.


A charge of failure to provide a urine sample was successfully challenged and police procedure shown to have been flawed.

I was recommended to David to help us with a motoring problem, from the very start he was thorough and put us at ease with the way he explained the process and the way he dealt with the problem to a satisfactory conclusion, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Amazing news! Thank you so much David for all the support during this stressful period.

We will be keeping your contact details safe for any future issues.

We have also recommended you to our colleague who was stopped for similar offence a couple of weeks ago.

We have been singing your praises to all our colleagues, friends and family. You have been very accessible to contact and have been very helpful and professional.

Thank you again!

Thanks for the confirmation David and your assistance in this matter, I am very pleased with the outcome.

All the best.

Many thanks for your relentless efforts, thoughts and help in resolving this whole matter to its conclusion.

I am very grateful.

Wish you only the best.

I was in desperate need of a motor lawyer to represent me regarding a totting up disqualification. I came across David Barton’s website and made contact. After the first phone call David Barton’s fantastic knowledge of motor law made me feel very calm about the situation. I pressed ahead with hiring his company and he did not disappoint. We pleaded exceptional hardship and I got off with just three points, no fine and no disqualification. It was the best decision I could have made choosing him.

Having spoken with many other firms, we chose David Barton. Highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable, David provided unrivalled expertise, in an honest and refreshingly approachable manner. He dealt with the case from day one, providing clear and concise advice, followed it through with his superb advocacy skills in court, to a brilliant acquittal at the finish. Would very highly recommend.

Hi David,
I didn’t write to you yesterday because, when we arrived home, I crashed out! I think it must have been the relief from tension!
But today, I feel great; and that is all due to you.
Congratulations to you, on the most successful outcome we could possibly have expected. I’m sure you will recollect that, when you first explained the provision to me, you said that the outcome you achieved yesterday would be the “dream ticket”; it certainly was that! Very well done.
We (I include Leila, because you saw her reaction to the result!) are enormously grateful to you, for your sound advice, for the way you presented your submission; for your courtesy and help, and friendship, at all times; and, of course, for the outcome – which could not have been better.
So, for everything you have done and achieved on my behalf, a huge

This was a case in which my client had been charged with causing death by careless driving. Many people believe that they must instruct a barrister for such cases but this is not the case. I represented my client in court against a Barrister for the prosecution.

I consider myself very lucky to have appointed David Barton.Following a tragic accident resulting in a fatality I had a lot emotionally to deal with. It was and to this day remains deeply upsetting.

Then the CPS decided to prosecute and with no experience of what to expect or even the court process, I obviously needed legal help. After reading online reviews, a meeting with David was arranged very quickly, and he calmly talked me through the basics. From this first meeting I had the confidence that whatever the outcome, David would be the best person to represent me in court.

It was a long and involved process in getting to trial, and David with the help of an accident reconstruction specialist Wayman Limited made sure I was in the best possible position to face the court. The trial was daunting. Whilst I have the utmost respect for the invaluable help, support and understanding given prior to trial, I feel David’s swan song was how he conducted himself in court in my defence. It was a long two-day trail and, I feel due to David’s representation I was thankfully found not guilty.

There are no winners in a case like this, and I know that without David’s help the outcome could have been very different. So, thank you David for your services. You helped and supported me in my time of need and this is something that I will always appreciate considering such tragic circumstances.

I should like to thank you again for your efforts and support during this time. I’m grateful to you for making the process as less stressful as possible and for achieving the very best result we could have hoped for.

David knows drink driving law inside out and while he cannot work miracles, he has a deep knowledge of how to effectively defend you, whether pleading guilty or not guilty.
In my situation it was the first time I had ever been in trouble with the Police and I’m in my early thirties now. In a fit of stupidity I’d parked my car around the corner after drunkenly worrying I was in a clamping zone. My reading was twice the limit and I’d bumped my low profile tyres on the kerb hard causing flats: none of this looked good. Arguably there were some special reasons, though as I was pleading guilty this was basically a damage limitation exercise in terms of length of ban.
Given the sometimes volatile behaviour of court sentencing, it went about as well as could have been expected. David was a warm, friendly and reassuring presence on phone calls, as well as in person waiting and inside the court room. In a parallel universe where I had not just made a very stupid one-off life mistake and was actually innocent, David is definitely also the man I would want in my corner.


I know you did a lot of work on the day to represent me in a very positive way and for that I am truly grateful.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone finding themselves in such unfortunate position in the future.
You are very good at what you do David, thank you.

Once again, a huge thanks for your assistance in this matter. I believe without you my future would look somewhat less rosy than perhaps it does right now.
I trust I never have to use you again. Rest assured, however, should I hear of others that find themselves in the same or similar predicament as I did, I shall recommend you and your services.
Once again, thank you,

Just a quick email to say thank you for all your help and confirm that our business is concluded. I got the 12-month disqualification and the offer of the driving course as you predicted. I would like to thank you particularly for helping to put my mind at ease leading up to my court appearance. Not having had any experience of this during my life, it was quite a daunting thought. Thank you again, I will be sure to recommend your services if the need arises.

Thank you for this thorough report on the proceedings and above all for the excellent work you did for me. My wife I know would also like to express her thanks to you on a really superb defence and also for your understanding of the alcoholic problem and for your promoting the AA solution to the Magistrates. I felt they were more than fair in their judgement and sentencing and yes I agree it could have been a great deal worse for me had you not been there to so eloquently plead mitigation on my behalf. Needless to say, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who might find himself in a situation similar to myself in the future and I can only say thank you for everything you did for me and for keeping me calm through the entire process. Once again thank you for your expert guidance and help and I hope our paths may cross again in happier circumstances.

Hi David,
Happy New Year To you!
I sincerely appreciate the time you spent on reviewing my case and recommending strategies about how to deal with it step by step. Your advice was very helpful.
I especially appreciated your efforts and support when I was under such high pressure.
I would recommend you to my friends should they get into the same problem in the future.
Huge thanks

Thank you so much for all your help thank you for making a really awful and very emotional situation into a more manageable one. We certainly have never been in this kind of environment before and really could not have got through it without your support, from the initial call I made to you to meeting you today, you were extremely helpful professional and understanding of our situation, for which we are very grateful.
We would most certainly recommend you to any one of our friends and colleagues and whoever needed any support in this area!
Thank you for everything.

Hi David,
I can’t thank you enough for the good news, I’ve just told my husband it literally brought tears to his eyes.
I’ll print this off so that my son can read it when he gets home from work.
I do believe we have a Guardian Angel watching over us, but without your help this entire episode would have been very different.
Thanks again from the three of us.

Thank you for all your hard work and taking time to understand what was an anything but straightforward case. It really is appreciated!

We wanted to email you as we were both delighted with the outcome and the incredible service you gave us.
From when we first met, you put us at ease and really helped us understand the situation we were in and the process and approach you were to take.
On the day of the court hearing, the work you did behind the scenes clearly was the turning point. We were very impressed by the way you conducted our case. We are in no doubt that the way you represented us had a material effect on the positive outcome you achieved.
We would highly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in this difficult situation.
Thank you again.
Best wishes.

David was a pleasure to work with. Walking me through each stage in my process gave me the peace of mind I needed.
Watching him act on my behalf in the courtroom was an eye-opener. We were last to be heard by the Judge in the Crown Court and having watched a few other solicitors and barristers during the day, David appeared to excel with his knowledge of the law and his tenacity in fighting my cause.

Many thanks for your help on this case, you made it very clear and easy to understand what steps should be taken in order to handle the case as effectively as possible. You were easy to approach, and where always ready to think outside the box, which resulted in the case being effectively resolved.
I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a professional and supportive motoring lawyer.
Kind regards,

It was a great pleasure to work with you. I can’t tell you how stressed I was because of this case for the last few months as I had never been in such a situation before in my life. I am very happy and relieved that we got out this situation with your help and the result was fantastic.
Lastly, let me thank you again from me and my husband for your assistance in this matter. Glad that I found you to represent me in this case which you did brilliantly.
Indeed, ‘All is well that ends well’.

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done over the past 8 or so months. I honestly would not be in the position I am currently if not for you, so please accept my heartfelt thanks. I imagine you have significantly changed at least the next few years of my life.

We are extremely grateful for your professionalism and for gently guiding us through the legal process over the last few months. We really feel that you have given our son his future back and we won’t forget you. Many thanks indeed.

David, thank you for the professional service you provided for me.
Myself and my colleague were both of the opinion that without that service the fine and the ban would have been considerably more.
Thank you once again.

The court heard my case against Failing to give information relating to the identification of the driver of a vehicle and found me not guilty. David was diligent and responsive in the lead-up to the trial (which was laced with complications arising from Covid-19) and clever in the courtroom. I would highly recommend his services.

Though at first, we had some communication issues, once the hearing date arrived David was quick to provide a resolution which worked out in my favour.

Thank you for steering us through the process from beginning to end, your expertise and guidance made the experience a lot less daunting.

Thanks very much for all you have done. It was a pleasure to work with you and all your efforts in this case are much appreciated. Once again thank you from me and my husband.

This was a massive relief and something I am extremely grateful for your help with. You have been so reassuring and comforting during a very difficult time and I am deeply thankful for your support and involvement. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else.

I think the ‘peace of mind’ I got, in employing your services has been well worth it.

Thank you so much David, and best wishes and greatest gratitude from myself regarding all the help and support you’ve given me over the past 6 months.

I would like to thank David Barton for his exceptional and efficient service, and for his professional manner in and out of court. I felt at ease on the day of court and was very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend his services to others.

I have no hesitation recommending David Barton to anyone accused of a road traffic offence. I am extremely happy with the reassuring and professional service I received. David was patient and explained every aspect of the case in detail to me. I would have no hesitation in using David’s services again if the need arose.

I was summonsed to court for a minor traffic offence. The matter had been on going for over a year with me trying and failing to resolve matters in order to avoid attending court. When the court case was inevitable I approached David Barton and explained the situation. He immediately put my mind at rest. On the day of the court hearing he attended to represent me. He was completely professional and handled the matter in a calm and efficient manner. He defended the inconsistencies and errors that had built up during the lead up to the case. The case resulted in the Prosecution withdrawing any evidence and the case was dismissed and I was free to go. David was open and honest and explained the process as we were going through it making what was a traumatic experience for me relatively calm and stress free. I would recommend his services to anyone in a similar positon.

I contacted David after doing a quick internet search and found a lot of positive comments about his work. I was very dubious as this wasn’t something I had ever been through before. David asked me to come to his office and within less than a week my appeal was underway! David explained everything fully to me and answered all of my questions throughout the whole process.

During the actual appeal David was very professional, outlined the facts and was very clear in what had happened. A few times the court had to give me time as I was very upset during the hearing. Through all of this David was very reassuring and helped me to put across the facts in a way that the courts would understand.

Needless to say we won the case and I had my 6 points relinquished. I literally could not have been more relieved. Without David and his knowledge we would of never have got to that point.

I wanted to write to commend you on the outstanding quality of your professionalism and client care.
I suspect like many people I have very little experience with dealing with the law, you have made a harrowing process understandable and smooth in operation. Your concern for my liberty and well being throughout the process was always at the forefront of your approach, something I found most comforting in the alien world of legalese the courts operate within.

Your understanding of the case and consequent actions were always planned and I was well advised on the possible outcomes limiting stress where my understanding had got lost on the way. Your instructions to court and general oratory skills are second to none, with your measured but firm approach working well with the court.
Your selection of barrister was again professionally carried out with aplomb and he was also a consumate professional utilising your research and evidence sifting to the best result possible.

I would have no problem commending your services to any friend or colleague who may find themselves in need.

I didn’t know where to look for a solicitor specialising in motoring law. I chose David as he did not make unrealistic claims! It was a good choice! He achieved a successful outcome to my son’s predicament; David’s course of action proved to be very wise and indicative of a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. Exactly what you need when you’re in a jam!

I contacted David after doing a quick internet search and found a lot of positive comments about his work. I was very dubious as this wasn’t something I had ever been through before, but David asked me to come to his office and in less than a week my appeal was underway! David explained everything fully to me and answered all of my questions throughout the whole process,

During the actual appeal David was very professional, outlined the facts and was very clear in what had happened. A few times the court had to give me time as I was very upset during the hearing. Through all of this David was very reassuring an helped me to put across the facts in a way that the courts would understand.

Needless to say we won the case and I had my 6 points relinquished. I literally could of have been more relieved, Without David and his knowledge we would of never have got to that point.

I drive hundreds of miles a week and was facing the prospect of a certain ban due to the process known as ‘totting’ – thanks to David Barton’s in depth knowledge of both motoring law and the way it works he was able to control a seemingly impossible situation and thanks to him and his staff I am still driving today.

Appearing in court is hugely daunting and I couldn’t imagine facing it alone. From the first meeting to conclusion I felt reassured and confident that whatever the outcome was going to be it was going to be the best one.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David although I am hoping for obvious reasons I will not need to call upon his expertise again.

David Barton was recommended to me by my regular solicitor as being an expert in motoring cases. I received immediate advice by phone advising me of my rights, and was nurtured through the whole legal process. His advice was invaluable and effective, and he was knowledgeable and responsive to my situation. I would unhesitatingly recommend his services to my friends.

I would like to extend my most grateful thanks for the kind, considerate and professional way you handled my difficult and involved case, with, what appeared to be little in my favour.

The most important thing was the way you explained every aspect of my impending case, where other professionals I had been in contact with had more or less dismissed my case as a lost cause.

The amount of work that you undertook on my behalf, was for me a credit to the legal profession you represent and because of your dedication on my behalf, you obtained a very successful outcome to my case, against great odds and therefore enabled me to retain my employment, which I would have lost had it not been for your tenacity on my behalf within the court procedure.

I would therefore not hesitate in recommending your service to any person, especially one as complicated as mine to deal with.

Our teenaged son was charged with driving with a blood alcohol level significantly above that of the legal maximum for driving. Knowing that he had done something very stupid he accepted his guilt and argued against the need for legal representation. He had researched the potential penalties on the internet and felt that he knew what to expect.

We, however, decided to appoint David who spent time talking us through the real implications of the charge and potential penalties as opposed to the scare stories of the internet, and prepared us for what would and could happen in court. He advised us well on the obtaining and preparation of references and on the day used his experience and knowledge of the law, the system and the court to minimise what could have been a serious charge with commensurate penalties. We are very grateful and whilst he was not cheap, he was worth every penny spent.

David explained everything clearly in layman’s terms. He provided honest legal advice which helped us determine the course of action we wished to take. He was incredibly supportive throughout the court process and we were very pleased with the result.

I’d definitely recommend David Barton’s services to anyone facing a potentially costly and deeply inconvenient ban. I found David to be highly professional, thorough and helpful – with a calm, modest but assured manner that seemed exactly right for the court process. I was also pleased that my decision to hire a lawyer resulted in my going to court with a reasonable understanding of the process and a clear objective. He helped me to a good result – and with the careful preparation prior to the hearing I felt relatively calm, understanding exactly how the court procedure worked, what we hoped to achieve and how we hoped to achieve it. His services are not cheap but definitely value for money in my case.

We cannot thank David enough for his help in winning our appeal. Without his expertise, professionalism and determination we would have had points on the licence that could have lost a job. If you want the best look no further, we highly recommend David to anyone with a motoring case.

After finding ourselves in a situation where a job could be lost we asked David if he could help us. Having never been in this kind of situation before (and never wanting to be again) we had no idea of what to expect!

David explained the law to us in a way that we could easily understand and talked us through everything we should expect. We knew what we where working towards, David remained positive but made sure we where aware of the best to the worst case scenario. David’s professionalism, experience and hard work paid off and we got a great result. We cannot thank him enough for his assistance, should anyone find themselves in the same situation we would not think twice about recommending David.

David is calm, considered and hugely knowledgeable. His advice and guidance in tricky circumstances was greatly appreciated and resulted in a quick and fair result. I would not hesitate to recommend him!

Many thanks again!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help, advice and support whilst dealing with our son’s case. It was a very upsetting and stressful time for us all and it was a very unpleasant experience that will hopefully never be repeated.
I have to say that I was extremely impressed by your honesty, professionalism and no-nonsense approach and grateful for the guidance and support you gave to a young man extremely worried about his future and consequences of his actions.

You hear many stories of drink driving related incidents within the media at present, and never think for a minute that you will be in the position where you are being investigated by the police for a drink driving related incident. Christmas Eve 2014 started five months of hell for me after I slid on black ice resulting in my car coming to rest in a country lane hedge. I was arrested by the Police on suspicion of drink driving and released on bail pending further enquiries.

I engaged David at the earliest opportunity to handle my case for me. From my first meeting with him I was filled with confidence and he explained clearly that the final outcome could go either way, but if there were any opportunities to exploit to limit the damage he would pursue them. In my case the Police took urine as the sample for testing, and they did not follow the procedure exactly as it should be. David’s expertise proved that the police had breached the section related to the provision/testing of urine within the Road Traffic Offenders Act. This resulted in the urine sample taken by the Police being inadmissible and the Court took no further action, and I retained my driving licence. David is an expert in this field so if you are facing a drink drive related investigation I would recommend you contact him.

David will tell you from the outset if he thinks you have a chance of damage limitation or not.

As a clinical psychologist and expert witness in the Courts, I had been in the unusual position of being present for an entire case where David Barton had been acting on behalf of the defendant. It lasted two days.

David’s client had been charged with failing to provide a sample of breath to the police who were investigating a possible drink drive charge. She had good reasons for not being able to provide the sample. I was very impressed by David’s extremely sensitive managing of his case and his client. His summing up and closing argument to the Court were brilliant, revealing keen insight and comprehensive knowledge of the law and which led directly to a positive result for his client who was found not guilty. I was left with the conviction that he would undoubtedly be the person I would recommend to anyone with a complex road traffic case before the Courts.

Once again, many thanks for doing such a fine job.

I really appreciate the reassuring, practical and sensitive way in which you handled the whole case. Given the circumstances, the outcome was really as good as we could have hoped for, so we’re grateful for your powers of gentle persuasion in the courtroom!

I Contacted David Barton concerning a pending definite ban for excess speeding on a motorway. I was driving at 104 mph.

David thought that I had a Special Reasons argument because my wife was unwell and we had to get home quickly. He made sure I was aware of the whole procedure and prepared my evidence.

His calming approach certainly put me at ease as I had never set foot in a court room before and I was more than nervous.

After two hearings I not only walked away from court still being able to drive but most unexpectedly I received no points or fine and was given an Absolute Discharge.

David also later advised that I had accidentally over paid his fees by nearly £400 and refunded me even though I’d already accepted his costs.

He is a truly honest and decent man and I would recommend David to anybody with a motoring summons although I personally never want to see him again in a professional capacity.


David provided a most welcome and reassuring presence both prior to and during Court proceedings.
His extensive experience and expertise in handling motoring offences, ensured I received the most successful outcome for my case.

Thank you so much for representing me today, I really appreciated having someone of your experience and professionalism by my side in the court. I would not have coped with this situation without you.

In April 2016, I was facing the revocation of my driving licence. The Magistrates Court had given me 6 penalty points for speeding and as a new driver my licence was revoked. I needed specialist help and advice and after researching a number of motoring lawyers, I got in touch with David. David is professional, highly experienced and clearly an expert in his field. Having never been in a Court room before, it was a really stressful and daunting experience but David was there to support me every step of the way. In June 2016 after appealing to the Crown court, I walked away with a 7 day disqualification and no penalty points on my licence which meant the revocation was avoided – the best result I could have wished for! I would highly recommend David to anyone who is facing a motoring offence and cannot thank him enough for assisting me throughout my case. Thank you so much, David! One very happy (and relieved) client.

From the very first phone call to you I was impressed with the confident manner you answered my questions and the professionalism of your approach.

You achieved an exceptionally low fine and lack of points for the relatively serious traffic offence.

Your suggestion that I plead guilty with mitigating circumstances obviously helped to put this matter behind me so quickly.

I would recommend you to anyone found to be in circumstances similar to mine.

I just wanted to email you to say again a massive thank you for your help today, it was a huge help and weight off my shoulders, and went the best I could have hoped, so a massive thank you.

I contacted David for advice after my son, who works as a driver in the NHS, had his licence revoked under the New Driver Act. David was calm and knowledgeable, able to come up with recommendations and advice, then changing the plan flexibly when we realised partway through the process that my son had a second speeding offence. David gave good advice, completed his work to a high standard and in a timely manner, and represented my son very well in Court. This resulted in an alternative sentence allowing my son to retain his licence and his job. I would thoroughly recommend David to anyone needing to navigate the Court system.

Just received a notice from Police advising decision not to proceed any further.
I want to express my sincerest thanks for your assistance throughout this instruction and for your speedy and supportive advice, it has been much appreciated.

I really appreciate the guidance and handling of my case and for me to receive an unexpected outcome..!!! For which I will be eternally grateful, as losing my license right now would’ve been the worst possible time.

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