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Where do I start?

Faced with what I perceived was a difficult period of my life, I’d finally arrived at a place which was totally out of my control and would hang over my like a dark cloud for the best part of a year.

At my wits end, through google I found David Barton (Solicitor Advocate). I called him and told him of the issue and likely outcome of what it was that I had to deal with.

I was fearful of what I would have to testify in court, and was reassured that my fears were unfounded, and that I could tell my story in truth without fear.

There were some hitches with the hearing dates which meant that David couldn’t appear personally with me in court in the first instance. However he was able to arrange to do so via video link at short notice. At this point the hearing was adjourned to a later date.

After many phone calls to discuss my case further, through his many contacts he appointed a Barrister to appear in court with me on the due date. The Barrister had been fully briefed on my case and was thorough in his approach and advice as to the way in which I was to be dealt with.

Subsequently, my court appearance had a completely successful outcome. I am no longer in that dark place.

Rest assured David Barton knows his stuff

RS Midlands
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