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You hear many stories of drink driving related incidents within the media at present, and never think for a minute that you will be in the position where you are being investigated by the police for a drink driving related incident. Christmas Eve 2014 started five months of hell for me after I slid on black ice resulting in my car coming to rest in a country lane hedge. I was arrested by the Police on suspicion of drink driving and released on bail pending further enquiries.

I engaged David at the earliest opportunity to handle my case for me. From my first meeting with him I was filled with confidence and he explained clearly that the final outcome could go either way, but if there were any opportunities to exploit to limit the damage he would pursue them. In my case the Police took urine as the sample for testing, and they did not follow the procedure exactly as it should be. David’s expertise proved that the police had breached the section related to the provision/testing of urine within the Road Traffic Offenders Act. This resulted in the urine sample taken by the Police being inadmissible and the Court took no further action, and I retained my driving licence. David is an expert in this field so if you are facing a drink drive related investigation I would recommend you contact him.

David will tell you from the outset if he thinks you have a chance of damage limitation or not.

RB, Kent
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