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This was a case in which my client had been charged with causing death by careless driving. Many people believe that they must instruct a barrister for such cases but this is not the case. I represented my client in court against a Barrister for the prosecution.

I consider myself very lucky to have appointed David Barton.Following a tragic accident resulting in a fatality I had a lot emotionally to deal with. It was and to this day remains deeply upsetting.

Then the CPS decided to prosecute and with no experience of what to expect or even the court process, I obviously needed legal help. After reading online reviews, a meeting with David was arranged very quickly, and he calmly talked me through the basics. From this first meeting I had the confidence that whatever the outcome, David would be the best person to represent me in court.

It was a long and involved process in getting to trial, and David with the help of an accident reconstruction specialist Wayman Limited made sure I was in the best possible position to face the court. The trial was daunting. Whilst I have the utmost respect for the invaluable help, support and understanding given prior to trial, I feel David’s swan song was how he conducted himself in court in my defence. It was a long two-day trail and, I feel due to David’s representation I was thankfully found not guilty.

There are no winners in a case like this, and I know that without David’s help the outcome could have been very different. So, thank you David for your services. You helped and supported me in my time of need and this is something that I will always appreciate considering such tragic circumstances.

GC Kent
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