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Hi David,
I didn’t write to you yesterday because, when we arrived home, I crashed out! I think it must have been the relief from tension!
But today, I feel great; and that is all due to you.
Congratulations to you, on the most successful outcome we could possibly have expected. I’m sure you will recollect that, when you first explained the provision to me, you said that the outcome you achieved yesterday would be the “dream ticket”; it certainly was that! Very well done.
We (I include Leila, because you saw her reaction to the result!) are enormously grateful to you, for your sound advice, for the way you presented your submission; for your courtesy and help, and friendship, at all times; and, of course, for the outcome – which could not have been better.
So, for everything you have done and achieved on my behalf, a huge

AL Herts
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