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David knows drink driving law inside out and while he cannot work miracles, he has a deep knowledge of how to effectively defend you, whether pleading guilty or not guilty.
In my situation it was the first time I had ever been in trouble with the Police and I’m in my early thirties now. In a fit of stupidity I’d parked my car around the corner after drunkenly worrying I was in a clamping zone. My reading was twice the limit and I’d bumped my low profile tyres on the kerb hard causing flats: none of this looked good. Arguably there were some special reasons, though as I was pleading guilty this was basically a damage limitation exercise in terms of length of ban.
Given the sometimes volatile behaviour of court sentencing, it went about as well as could have been expected. David was a warm, friendly and reassuring presence on phone calls, as well as in person waiting and inside the court room. In a parallel universe where I had not just made a very stupid one-off life mistake and was actually innocent, David is definitely also the man I would want in my corner.


MT London
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