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I Contacted David Barton concerning a pending definite ban for excess speeding on a motorway. I was driving at 104 mph.

David thought that I had a Special Reasons argument because my wife was unwell and we had to get home quickly. He made sure I was aware of the whole procedure and prepared my evidence.

His calming approach certainly put me at ease as I had never set foot in a court room before and I was more than nervous.

After two hearings I not only walked away from court still being able to drive but most unexpectedly I received no points or fine and was given an Absolute Discharge.

David also later advised that I had accidentally over paid his fees by nearly £400 and refunded me even though I’d already accepted his costs.

He is a truly honest and decent man and I would recommend David to anybody with a motoring summons although I personally never want to see him again in a professional capacity.


KE Kent
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