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Young and New Drivers

Inexperienced drivers

Young and inexperienced drivers are widely recognised to be at a greater risk of being involved in accidents. A combination of inexperience behind the wheel and greater risk taking are commonly cited as the reason that so many young drivers find themselves in trouble.

The Association of British Insurers report that 18 young drivers are killed or seriously injured every day. Add to this the injuries to third parties and damage to to property and the picture becomes even more bleak. The relatively poor driving record of young drivers also affects insurance premiums making driving prohibitively expensive for many young people.

When our teenage son was charged with drink driving he knew he had done something very stupid and was resigned to his fate. We instructed David Who explained everything to us and rebutted many of the scare stories we had read on the internet. He prepared us well, and with his knowledge of the law, the process and the court managed to minimise what could have been a very serious penalty. We’re very grateful

LP, Kent

To address these problems legislation brought into force in 1995 established a two year probationary period for newly qualified drivers. Acquiring 6 penalty points in that two year period leads to the automatic revocation of the licence. The only way back is to obtain a new provisional licence and pass a test again.

Before you retake your test you are a learner driver again which means:

  • you have to use L plates
  • you can only drive if accompanied by someone over 21 who has held a license for at least 3 years

Facing Charges

A loss of licence for a young person in work can be serious in the current economic climate, and Courts can be receptive to arguments that have the effect of avoiding a revocation.

I have dealt with many such cases and can help young people in these circumstances.


Obviously it is in all our interests to help young and inexperienced drivers drive more safely and within the law. To this end I regularly present to 6th form groups at schools around Kent, to address the legal responsibilities of young drivers and to dispel the myths that seem to be commonplace within this age group.

See my helpsheets:

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