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Specialist Motorcycle Lawyer

As a motorcyclist myself I understand only too well the particular difficulties that motorcyclists face on today’s busy roads. I also know what a devastating effect on your freedom and lifestyle a ban can have.

The rules of the road as applied to motorbikes and their riders are not always black and white, and much relies on opinion and interpretation. Knowing the subtleties as well as the details of the law, and being able to truly represent the motorcyclist’s perspective, make me uniquely skilled in this area.

As a Solicitor Advocate I can help throughout the entire process from the initial police interview or investigation to the conclusion of your case in court. I will be your friendly, understanding and readily accessible point of contact and representation all the way.

If you need help with a motorcycle prosecution call me now on:01580 292409

Some recent cases:

Motorcyclist acquitted of dangerous driving

Mr B was badly injured when he lost control of his motorcycle whilst avoiding a potential collision. Despite his injuries and no others being involved in the incident, the Crown Prosecution Service pursued a charge of dangerous driving. In court I argued that the witness evidence was unreliable whereas my client’s evidence was entirely credible and consistent. The court agreed with me, acquitted him on all charges and awarded him costs. Read my case review.

Motorcyclist hits 160 mph and pulls wheelies

Mr S was facing a charge of dangerous driving which carries a maximum sentence of up to 2 years in prison, an unlimited fine, a driving ban, and a compulsory re-test.

I successfully argued for the dropping of the dangerous driving charge and admitted careless driving (riding) instead. This offence carries a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine and a discretionary ban.

After presenting arguments in mitigation the court ordered him to pay a fine and costs of £500 and imposed a 3 month ban. It could have been a lot worse.

The case made the national press when police released video footage of the incident. You can read my case review.

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