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How I can help

Solicitor Advocate

How can I help? David Barton motorists' lawyerMotoring law is both complex and technical and changes constantly either because of new legislation or new decisions by the Courts. Most solicitors don’t undertake this work and routinely refer clients to specialists such as myself.

As a Solicitor Advocate I can help throughout the entire process from the initial Police interview or investigation to the conclusion of your case in Court. I will be your readily accessible point of contact and representation at all times.

Clients can seek advice in connection with any motoring prosecution and I can bring real value in areas of process including:

  • Discontinuing prosecutions
  • Appealing against a conviction or sentence
  • Applying for a case to be reopened

I have a strong track record of defending all types of drivers including:

You can find out more about how I can help with specific issues through the menu on the right, and in my helpsheets.

Success rates

I am often asked what my success rates are

Success means different things depending on the circumstances:

  • securing an acquittal after a not guilty plea and trial;
  • identifying defects in proceedings and bringing them to a swift conclusion;
  • persuading the police not to issue a summons when one is threatened;
  • persuading the police or the Crown Prosecution Service to either withdraw proceedings or to accept a guilty plea to a lesser offence;
  • persuading the Court not to disqualify at all or to disqualify for a shorter period by arguing exceptional hardship or special reasons;
  • persuading the Court to impose points rather than a ban;
  • persuading the Court to impose a short ban rather than points which would lead to a long ban or licence revocation;
  • persuading the Court to impose a shorter ban than it could have done (for example in drink driving cases where there is a wide range of periods available to the Court depending on the breath/blood reading or other circumstances);
  • ensuring that the court has all the relevant material before it so that you obtain the best outcome.

By these standards my success rate is comfortably over 95%. With over 40 years experience I am very skilled at judging and presenting cases. I give realistic advice about the possible success of your case so that your expectations are not unfairly and expensively raised. However, you can be certain that whether I am dealing with a serious dangerous driving prosecution or a more straightforward speeding matter, a full trial or a simple mitigation, I will bring to it the same robust approach and high quality representation.

I am here to help

If you’d like my help then please contact me as soon as you are summoned, charged or receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Steps taken early can influence the outcome.

Even if you already have a court date or have been convicted and want to appeal I can help, but the sooner you let me know the better.

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