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Police interviews

Police Interviews

Police often interview drivers when investigating offences of dangerous and careless driving, and drink and drug driving. Sometimes they take place immediately after an incident and at other times much later after other witnesses have been spoken to. There is no “normal”.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about how to deal with a police interview. Most people I deal with are facing one for the first time in their lives and it can be daunting. Many know the basic choice, either to answer questions or to decline to. That is often described as a “no comment” interview. The decision to answer questions or not is an important one as it can have a huge impact on what comes after. Too often I see recordings of interviews in which suspects have been given simplistic and wrong advice about how to answer questions.

In order to give you accurate information on how you should approach a police interview I have created a specific page on my website covering the law and the do’s and don’ts.



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