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On Yer Bike!

As a recent 60 year old I decided I needed a challenge outside the courtroom and I’m sure over the years many an opponent has wished I’d get on my bike (lots of other people too I expect).

I have been doing just that for quite a few months and will be taking part in the Prudential London 100 on the 29 July. It’s a bike ride of 100 miles from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, west into Surrey (nasty hills they have in Surrey) and then back for a finish on the Mall. It’s a timed ride so no slacking is allowed.

I feel fortunate to be well enough to do it, and am using my place to raise money for Clic Sargent, a charity that does sterling work for families with young members battling with and dying from cancer. You can see what they do on their website.

I read many really good posts here about work and life and getting the balance right. You need good balance on a bike ha ha, but making time in my work life for this has been brilliant, more than I would have guessed. Pounds and inches really do disappear and cheaper than a gym or personal trainer.

So my small contribution to law management is…get on your bike. For those concerned about keeping in touch, you can fit a device to the handlebar that will show your emails. I do not have one!

I do however have a Just Giving page and if anything I have said strikes a chord, I would welcome any contribution.

If you take it up…happy cycling. I was going to add you will never look back, but actually you need to!

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