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Financial hardship

Financial Hardship in Court


The VERY lavish life of ‘hard up’ Lady Eliza Manners! | Daily Mail Online

It is always a little difficult to know exactly what to say about stories like this. I have to keep in mind that my regulator may be watching what I say! They certainly raise hopes of widespread leniency.

I found myself remembering some of the many drivers I have represented and seen as I wait in court who have gone there on a very tight budget with an ordinary lifestyle, simply praying they can retain their livelihoods and that the court’s financial hit won’t be too harsh.

Reports of cases like this may make people wonder what on earth is going on. I can only assume the magistrates were presented with compelling evidence of financial hardship, enabling them to make the reduction. I have only ever known courts to be robustly inquisitive when drivers plead such hardship. The simple fact of car ownership if usually an obstacle to such a plea.

I wonder if this will embolden sufferers from cash flow troubles everywhere to make similar pleas. Just make sure you remove social media and other references to life outside court, and be careful what you wear.


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