Facing Disqualification?

More and more people are finding themselves at risk of losing their licences either as a result of a serious offence or more commonly as a result of "totting up", that is amassing more 12 penalty points for several more minor offences.

These driving bans can have serious consequences for the individual's livelihood and for the lives of others who depend on them.

If your licence is at risk and other people in your company or your family rely on you keeping on driving I can provide you with straightforward advice tailored to your circumstances. I have been helping key people for nearly 30 years.

I have the skills and experience to act effectively for business leaders and key employees who need to drive to carry out their jobs. Some motoring offences result in automatic disqualification, but for others the Court has a discretion whether to disqualify or not. I understand what the Court will take account of and how best to present it. The quality of presentation really matters and it’s not just knowing what to say to a Court, but how to say it. That ability comes only with experience. I can help drivers who have acquired 12 penalty points in three years (caught by the “totting up” rules) to properly present their cases to the Court to reduce the period of disqualification or to avoid it altogether.

See my helpsheets: Disqualification | Key People | Special Reasons

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