Special advice for key people

If your licence is at risk and other people rely on you to keep on driving then you will need special advice.

Are you a key person facing disqualification?

More and more key people are finding themselves at risk of losing their licences. This has serious consequences for their livelihoods and for the lives of others who depend on them. If your licence is at risk and other people in your company rely on you keeping on driving I can provide you with straightforward advice tailored to your circumstances.

I have been helping key people for more than 25 years. Other solicitors have referred much of this work to me because I have the skills and experience to act effectively for business leaders and key employees who need to drive to carry out their jobs.

I know what the court will need and I know how best to present it.

I understand that you need effective, pragmatic advice and robust, careful representation in court. I understand your work situation and how a driving licence is critical to you so that you can carry out your duties; duties your business may be dependent on.

Case study:

A company received a notice requiring disclosure of the details of the person who was driving the company vehicle when it was speeding. It was a pool car shared by a number of employees, none of who would own up. On my advice, the company responded saying it had done its best and had written to each employee but had no response. Therefore, it was unable to provide the details. The company was prosecuted and was acquitted after trial.

Case study:

I represented a company director facing disqualification after totting up 12 penalty points. The court accepted evidence from him and from the company's accountants that his ability to drive was essential and that if he was disqualified the company and its employees would suffer exceptional hardship. He was not disqualified.

I like to help

If you are a key person then I'll be happy to meet and take instructions. I am flexible and can do this out of normal office times at your premises.

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