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Speeding Offences on the Rise

I was interested to read a press release issued by about trends in speeding offences in the UK. The article presents data from a Freedom of Information request which shows that speeding offences are significantly on the rise. I…

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NIPs to the Wrong Address

The Police Sent Section 172 Notice and Notice of Intended Prosecution to the Wrong Address! Most motorists are aware that the police have statutory power to require the registered keeper of a vehicle to say who the driver of it…

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Don’t Ignore the Big Red X

From Monday 10 June 2019 drivers who ignore lane closure signs on smart motorways in England will be issued with automatic £100 fines and 3 penalty points. A closed lane on smart motorway is indicated by a 'Red X' displayed…

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Alcohol Immobilisers

Motorists in parts of France who have been convicted of drink-driving could only be allowed back behind the wheel after serving any ban if their car is fitted with an alcohol-activated immobiliser. The UK has a mixed legal position that…

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