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Police interviews

Police Interviews

Police often interview drivers when investigating offences of dangerous and careless driving, and drink and drug driving. Sometimes they take place immediately after an incident and at other times much later after other witnesses have been spoken to. There is…

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Financial hardship

Financial Hardship in Court

  The VERY lavish life of 'hard up' Lady Eliza Manners! | Daily Mail Online It is always a little difficult to know exactly what to say about stories like this. I have to keep in mind that my regulator…

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Laser Jammers and the law

At present there is no law expressly making the use of laser jammers unlawful, but a number of prosecutions arising out of their use makes it risky to use one. The consequences can be serious. At present there is no…

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speedawareness courses

Speed Awareness Courses – The Lowdown

I am frequently asked for information about speed awareness courses. The most common questions seek clarity over eligibility, and whether a course can be requested. This short guide is intended to help answer these and other questions. I am frequently…

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Laser Jammers in the News – Again

Using these to avoid speed detection by police laser devices is a serious offence. It falls squarely within the definition “of doing an act tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice contrary to common law.” On 11…

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Drug Driving and the Law

The law relating to drug driving has been in force for a few years now but certain aspects of it continue to cause difficulty. The law was changed to plug a gap and to make it easier to detect and…

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