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Speeding Lady

I have followed this little story ( published in The Times) with some interest because it contains features that I regularly encounter when I represent clients facing a 6 month “totting” disqualification. On 9 October 2019 Lady I have followed…

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On Yer Bike!

As a recent 60 year old I decided I needed a challenge outside the courtroom and I'm sure over the years many an opponent has wished I'd get on my bike (lots of other people too I expect). I have…

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Dangerous Cycling?

It often takes a tragedy to bring about a change in the law. In February 2016 Kim Briggs was killed by a speeding cyclist as she stepped off the pavement onto a road in central London. Charlie Alliston was convicted…

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Driving Licence Changes

The paperless driving licence is here (almost) The paper tax disc has now gone, and January 2015 will see the demise of the paper counterpart driving licence. From January 2015, DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the…

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