Speed Awareness Courses

I am frequently asked for information about speed awareness courses. The most common questions seek clarity over eligibility, and whether a course can be requested. This short guide is intended to help answer these and other questions.

The first rule applying to such courses is that a driver cannot attend one if they have already within the previous three years completed one.

There are also speed thresholds applicable to such courses and they are as follows

20 mph – 24 to 31 mph inclusive

30 mph – 35 to 42 mph inclusive

40 mph 46 to 53 mph inclusive

50 mph – 57 to 64 mph inclusive

60 mph 68 to 75 mph inclusive

70 mph 79 to 86 mph inclusive

If your speed exceeds these thresholds, you probably won’t be eligible for a course.

The first most drivers know they have committed a speeding offence is the receipt of a notice of intended prosecution combined with a request to identify the driver. To be offered a speed awareness course police generally require the driver to be quickly identified, and so dealing with the form promptly is important. This can sometimes be difficult for drivers who are not the registered keeper, and those who drive lease orcompany cars can be at a disadvantage if the initial recipient is slow to respond.

Secondly, it is important the form identifying the driver is correctly and fully completed. Missing out a driving licence number or other detail is not uncommon, and it can lead to course not being offered.

Thirdly, people often ask if they should contact police to request a course. The answer is “no”. Police will offer a course if the offence is within the speed threshold, the identity of the driver is promptly provided, and a course has not already been offered within the preceding three years. You should keep in mind that there is no entitlement to a course. It is entirely within the discretion of the police whether one is offered or not. Equally, if a course is offered it should be promptly accepted and paid for.



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