Gordon Ramsay's Cling Film Trouble

Gordon Ramsay clinfilmRenowned Ferrari fan and celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay has recently offered what he considers to be a 'great tip' for likeminded petrol-heads, to avoid being caught by speed cameras. His vast collection of his favourite branded car is often taken out for late night (or early morning) blasts along the freeway near his LA home. Despite the speed limit being 65mph, Ferraris can reach up to 200mph, but he states he never gets caught because he wraps his number plates in cling film, reflecting the flash of any speed camera.

If a motorist was to attempt this, they would be committing a serious criminal offence that could even lead to imprisonment. Any deliberate attempt to conceal a number plate is a serious crime, with serious consequences. Drivers are legally bound to clearly display their front and rear number plates, and those who attempt to intentionally avoid detection are perverting the court of justice, so save the cling film for your lunch.



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