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Laser Jammers and the law

At present there is no law expressly making the use of laser jammers unlawful, but a number of prosecutions arising out of their use makes it risky to use one. The consequences can be serious. At present there is no…

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Speeding Offences on the Rise

I was interested to read a press release issued by about trends in speeding offences in the UK. The article presents data from a Freedom of Information request which shows that speeding offences are significantly on the rise. I…

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Speedawareness Courses

Speed Awareness Courses

I am frequently asked for information about speed awareness courses. The most common questions seek clarity over eligibility, and whether a course can be requested. This short guide is intended to help answer these and other questions. I am frequently…

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Speeding Lady

I have followed this little story ( published in The Times) with some interest because it contains features that I regularly encounter when I represent clients facing a 6 month “totting” disqualification. On 9 October 2019 Lady I have followed…

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