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My Approach

Choosing a solicitor to represent you through your motoring prosecution is difficult. Most people don’t know what to look for in a solicitor or what they can expect from them.

I want my clients to feel confident they they are making the right choice in choosing me. That means that at all times they are clear about what’s going to happen, what I will do, what I will need from them and what the costs will be.

Here is how the process will normally proceed:

  1. You make an enquiry either by email or telephone, and my first task is to find out from you what has happened and when. If you want to call me for a free overview to see how I might be able to help that’s fine.
  2. Once I am instructed I will agree a way ahead and agree the cost the work will involve.
  3. What you will get is experience, an incisive approach to the problem and a way of dealing with it. I work with you collaboratively to agree the best way forward. You will find me knowledgeable, approachable and supportive.
  4. I will need to know if you have any documents such as your driving licence, any notices you might have received from the police or Central Ticket Office, summons or charge sheet and any correspondence.
  5. Road traffic cases are assessed by me as a lawyer by looking at the documents in conjunction with what you have to say about the events. Once I have all this I can assess, advise and work out a way of dealing with the issues.
  6. I can indicate the need for other material and sources of information you might not have considered, such as character references, witness statements and expert witnesses. As a general rule, these need getting on with reasonably quickly.
  7. My experience of dealing with virtually all types of road traffic cases will enable me to quickly know what the issues are and how these are best addressed.
  8. I am happy to work as you prefer; by telephone, e mail, personal meeting or a combination of all of these. It is really your choice as the client, and I am completely flexible. As long as the process gives me what I need in order to work effectively on your behalf.
  9. My role falls into two parts. I will firstly be preparing your case by going through it with you in conjunction with the documents. This will extend to all communications with the Court and the Crown Prosecution Service that are necessary to get your case into the best position it can be before we appear at Court.
  10. I will secondly be your advocate in court looking after the entire court process and you will have effective and experienced advocacy based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of your case and the legal issues involved.
  11. I will keep you informed of important developments as your case progresses, involving you in decisions to be made at key stages.

My aim is to be the expert advocate you trust.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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