Personable and straightforward but expert legal advice and representation

Why David Barton

I Have Unrivalled Expertise

  • 36 years experience in road traffic cases
  • I specialise in motoring law - I'm not a generalist
  • I am qualified as an advocate to represent you in both Magistrates' and Crown Courts so you always know who your advocate will be
  • I deal with motoring law every day
  • I am a recognised expert sought out by the media for opinion and comment
  • I know motoring law inside out
  • I know how to deal with the Police, Courts and Crown Prosecution Service

I Have an Excellent Track Record

  • I have a better than 95% success rate
  • I have very many satisfied clients
  • I am skilled at judging and presenting cases
  • I am a robust advocate in court
  • I have access to a range of expert witnesses to support your case
  • I can invariably see the best way of helping you achieve the best possible result

You Work Only With Me

  • I do not employ impersonal or unqualified case handlers so you deal only with me
  • I will be your contact and adviser from your first call to completion of your case
  • I will represent you in both Magistrates' and Crown Courts so you always know who your advocate will be
  • You will find me approachable, knowledgeable and supportive


No matter what the situation in which you find yourself, I can help with your motoring law problem.

I have helped very many clients achieve a positive outcome even when they felt their position was hopeless.

I can help with any motoring prosecutions including:

  • drink driving
  • dangerous driving
  • speeding
  • totting up bans
  • failure to provide a sample
  • section 172 notices


36 years experience

I qualified as a solicitor in 1982 and have represented drivers involved in road traffic prosecutions all my working life. In fact the very day I qualified I represented a motorist who had been summoned for driving without insurance.

In the last 36 years as a motorists' solicitor I have represented hundreds of clients in connection with all types of driving offences.

I am a Solicitor Advocate which means I can help and represent you in Magistrates' Courts and Crown Courts. Not all solicitors can do this.

David Barton

My Approach

Choosing a solicitor to represent you through your motoring prosecution is difficult.

Most people don't know what to look for in a solicitor or what they can expect from them.

I want my clients to feel confident that they are making the right choice in choosing me. That means that at all times they are clear about what's going to happen, what I will do, what I will need from them and what the costs will be.

My aim is to be the expert advocate you trust.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.





  • I believe in transparency and certainty
  • In most cases once I know what I am going to be dealing with I will agree a fixed fee
  • For more complex cases I will give my best estimate of likely costs at the start of proceedings and as necessary as the case develops.

Free Initial Consultation

  • I offer a completely free and no commitment initial consultation
  • I will determine possible defences/mitigations
  • I will be honest about what outcome you can reasonably expect

Recovering Costs

  • Except for the most serious charges legal aid is not available for motoring prosecutions
  • If you are successful you may be able to recover a proportion of your costs
  • I will assist you in recovering costs where possible


Motoring lawyer David Barton joins GP Dr Sarah Jarvis to talk about the new "Drug Driving Laws"


Celebrity acquittals give the wrong message.

Celebrity acquittals give the wrong message.

Recent Home Office figures showed a 43% rise in the number of motorists going to court during the course of the last four years. The number of motorists facing court action in 2013 was 240,000 and this increased to 342,000 in 2017. This is an
On Yer Bike!

On Yer Bike!

As a recent 60 year old I decided I needed a challenge outside the courtroom and I'm sure over the years many an opponent has wished I'd get on my bike (lots of other people too I expect). I have been doing just that for quite a few months
New Breath Test Devices Will Likely Convict More Motorists

New Breath Test Devices Will Likely Convict More Motorists

New testing devices look likely to bring about some swift changes to drink drive breath samples. Drink drivers are to face swifter processing thanks to new roadside breathalyser technology that will allow police to gather on-the-spot proof.
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